This prestigious building is located in the City of London and in 2015, Grosvenor Wilton were approached by The Drapers’ Company to replace the carpet scheme in the Livery Hall.


The expansion of the English woollen cloth trade in the 15th century was reflected in the prosperity of the Drapers’ Company. When the order of precedence of the City Companies was set in 1516, the Drapers’ position was confirmed as being third, after the Mercers and the Grocers.

As the trading activities of the guilds expanded, members required a Hall where they could meet to discuss and co-ordinate business.

The Livery Hall was enlarged to its present size by Herbert Williams in the 1860s. The twenty-eight marble columns provide ideal spaces for the display of the Company’s collection of royal portraits including King William III by Sir Godfrey Kneller, George III by Sir Nathanial Dance and George IV by Sir Thomas Lawrence.


Project Brief

Our design team worked very closely with personnel at Drapers’ Hall to create the design required for such an impressive and vast space. A curve was created within the design to coordinate with the curvature of the floor and ceiling which took a great deal of skill by our designers. Woven on our 3ft wide loom, using a Chlidema format whereby the borders are woven integrally with the body design, a total of 16 breadths were used each being approximately 28 metres in length.

Once installed, the overall appearance was magnificent and the members of Drapers’ Hall are delighted with the end result.