Why choose Grosvenor Wilton for restoration

Restoration projects strike a chord with us here at Grosvenor Wilton as we have been manufacturing carpets for over 200 years. Our history enables us to draw from generations of skill, knowledge and experience, giving us an edge when required to manufacture authentic carpeting for restoration projects.

Working along side curators, historians, architects and designers we are able to produce traditionally woven narrow Wilton carpet and Brussels loop carpet for historic and restoration projects. Consequently we have supplied the National Trust, English Heritage, Palaces, stately and private houses both in the UK and overseas with carpets suited to the places where they are installed.

Our archive of historic carpet designs is a key resource that allows us to be historically accurate with the styles, textures and colours of different eras. There are in excess of 25000 designs, covering Georgian, Victorian, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco periods through to the modern and contemporary styles of more recent times. Please view the Archive page to see a small selection of the 1000’s of designs we have access to.

Grosvenor Wilton provides a full service to the historic and restoration market, undertaking design development with our in-house design team, project planning, technical support and installation.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you with your restoration project.
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Case Studies

  • Audley-End-House-Essex

  • Essex

Grosvenor Wilton were approached by English Heritage who wanted to use authentic Victorian style carpets to assist in renovating the Nursery Suite… Read More…

  • Trinity Church

  • Massachusetts

Recognized as one of the most significant buildings in America, Trinity Church took shape on marshland in Boston’s Back Bay in the 1870’s… Read More…

  • Kew Palace

  • London

The Grosvenor Wilton Company was commissioned to advise on the carpet design styles used during George III’s reign and how they would have been fitted and… Read More…

  • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

  • Dublin

An adaptation of an archive paper was used to create a Chlidema square, featuring three 6’ wide octagons each situated directly below a chandelier… Read More…